Local Documents

Current Collective Agreement:    CBA-2020-2022

Benefits Booklet:                            Benefits Booklet updated May 24 2017

National Constitution                   Unifor Constitution 2019

Local Bylaws:                                   ByLaws_Unifor Local 911 Amended 2021

Saskatchewan  Training              Saskatchewan Courses Spring 2020

Port Elgin Training                      PEL Education Sept-Dec 2022

Anti-Harrassment Policy             Unifor Anti-Harrassment Policy

Bursary Application:                       Unifor Bursary Application

Sample- Enrollment Confirmation:        Sample_Confirmation




Please note: The name of our union is now Unifor Local 911 however the above documents need to be changed by the membership to reflect the new name.  Therefore, the name Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada and CEP are now to be taken to mean Unifor.